Official website of the City of San Antonio
Official website of the City of San Antonio
Friday, April 23, 2021

About SpeakUp

Engaged residents are fundamental to the health of City government. The successful development of policy and implementation of City programs depends on meaningful civic engagement, which engenders trust and accountability between the community and the government that serves it. The City of San Antonio offers many opportunities for residents to provide input on City policies, programs and initiatives.

It's your City. Let’s talk!

How SASpeakUp Works


Stage 1:
Community Engagement

Tell the City of San Antonio what ideas you have to make our community a better place. Speak up by taking a quick survey on a variety of topics or meet up with us at upcoming events to learn more about City services and initiatives.

Stage 2:
Under Review

Your feedback will be shared with City leaders and carefully considered. Keep checking this site to see what you and your neighbors said and see how your input is helping your city take shape.

Stage 3:
Final Report

A final feedback report was presented to City leaders. Your input is critical to the City’s process.

Stage 4:

Whether new projects, services, budgets or programs – your feedback helped shape the work the City conducts in the community. See how your voice made a difference and invite your friends and family to speak up!



Our Guiding Principles



Ensure that public input is appropriately considered in the decision-making process; use public participation to improve City programs, policies and ordinances.


Be open and clear by communicating the decision-making process to the public, including the role of public in the process, what type of input is sought and how the input will be used; provide a public record of the input received and the range of views and ideas expressed.


Consider all input received, including differing viewpoints, while balancing the interests of all stakeholders.


Engage a broad range of stakeholders, with particular emphasis on those who do not normally take part in City public participation processes; make every effort to ensure that stakeholder groups do not feel left out of the process.


Ensure that anyone who wants to participate in the process can provide input; overcome barriers to participation, whether they are geographical, physical, socioeconomic or language barriers.


Educate through public participation; use the opportunity to help people understand how the City organization works and to enhance both the public’s and the City’s understanding of issues, policies and challenges; strive to ensure that opinions are informed with facts.


Communicate outcomes to all who participated and provided input


Seek public input well ahead of key decisions; engage the public proactively.


Make it as easy as possible to engage with the City; provide multiple opportunities for the public to provide input; when possible, meet people where they are instead of only requiring them to show up to a public meeting; utilize the power of digital communications while being mindful of technology gaps.


Treat every input provided by the public as another step toward a more engaged community by developing the infrastructure to foster sustained participation; residents who make the effort to participate should be continually engaged in future efforts; residents who want to share an opinion with their City organization should be able to do so at any given time.



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