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Official website of the City of San Antonio
Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Speak up about paid sick leave in San Antonio!
Melanie Morales (GPA)

Speak up about paid sick leave in San Antonio!

Metropolitan Health District

Stage 4: Implementation

Open Date: September 13, 2019   Close Date: September 30, 2019

In August of 2018, the San Antonio City Council adopted a paid sick leave ordinance that requires certain employees in San Antonio be given earned paid sick time off for use if an employee needs to be absent from work due to illness or injury, medical treatment or preventative care, domestic or sexual assault, and care of a family member.

The Mayor appointed a Council led Paid Sick Leave Committee in November of 2018 charged with creating a paid sick leave commission and establishing a process to incorporate input from a broad range of stakeholders.

The paid sick leave commission, which is made up of a diverse group of San Antonio residents met 15 times this year to analyze the ordinance and provide recommendations to council. Some of those recommendations are:

  1. Changing the name of the ordinance to Sick and Safe Leave
  2. A one-size-fits-all application of the ordinance, regardless of the size of business
  3. A baseline accrual of 56 hours of sick and safe leave for all employees
  4. No delayed implementation for employers with five or fewer employees

The City of San Antonio needs to hear from you. Please complete this brief survey and let us know what you think about sick and safe leave in San Antonio.

Thanks for speaking up!

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