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Official website of the City of San Antonio
Friday, April 23, 2021

Policy for Neighborhood Registry
Melanie Morales (GPA)

Policy for Neighborhood Registry

Neighborhood and Housing Services Department

Stage 2: Under Review

Open Date: December 18, 2020   Close Date: January 4, 2021

About Neighborhood Registration
The Neighborhood & Housing Services Department (NHSD) maintains a listing of Neighborhood Associations, Homeowners Associations (HOAs), and Community Organizations called the Neighborhood Association Registry. 

The Neighborhood Association Registry was established by Chapter 35-408 of the Unified Development Code as a communication tool for notification of zoning cases, neighborhood plans, community plans, and perimeter plans. The Registry is utilized by other City department, external partners, and developers who use the Neighborhood Association Registry to identify the neighborhood associations about development projects, capital projects, and other improvements/initiatives in their area. 

Registration Policy
NHSD seeks community input regarding preferred communication types, training, and resources needed by Neighborhood Associations and HOAs. The current policy was last updated in 2011, and outlines requirements and procedures for registration, updates, and removal. The results received from the survey will inform our process of improving how you receive information from the City. The survey results will be presented at a future virtual Community Conversations Input Session in early 2021.


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