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Transportation Advisory Board

Transportation Advisory Board

The Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) reviews and makes recommendations to the Director of the San Antonio Police Department regarding City ordinances, rules, and regulations on the licensing and regulatory review process for transportation services licensed by the City. These services include taxicabs, limousines, tours, charters, pedicabs, horse carriages, and group cycles.

The board is composed of 11 voting members: 10 District-appointed members appointed by their respective Councilmembers and one member appointed by the Mayor; and five non-voting members from the following City departments: Aviation, Center City Development and Operations (CCDO), Transportation; Visit San Antonio; and VIA Metropolitan Transit. Voting members each serve a two-year term of office concurrent with the term of the appointing City Councilmember and a quorum of six voting members is required to conduct business on the TAB's agenda. 

Meetings are held on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 5:00 p.m. in the San Antonio Public Safety Headquarters, 315 S. Santa Rosa, Room 1403. The TAB does not meet in April and December.

Liaison: Gary Gilbert – 210-207-2748

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There are currently no upcoming meetings for this committee.

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