ETC Institute 


ETC Institute conducted the City’s 2024 Budget Priority Survey to help determine fiscal year 2025 budget priorities. Each year the City of San Antonio develops an annual operating budget that reflects City Council and community priorities. 

This is the second year that a statistically valid survey has been conducted for the budget development process. The survey was designed so the City could use ETC Institute’s Priority Investment Rating (PIR) as the primary methodology for analyzing input from residents. The PIR survey methodology is designed to help local governments set budget priorities based on (1) the importance residents place on city services and (2) the needs for each service.


The survey determined residents’ top priorities for investment in the Fiscal Year 2025 budget: 

1.     Streets 

2.     Homeless encampment cleanups 

3.     Services to assist the homeless 

4.     Sidewalks 


The results of this survey will help City leaders understand whether major City services are meeting the needs of residents and what investments should be prioritized for next year. 

View the Interactive Dashboard