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Removing Barriers to Affordable Housing Development and Preservation Subcommittee (RBSC)

Removing Barriers to Affordable Housing Development and Preservation Subcommittee (RBSC)

The Removing Barriers to Affordable Housing Development Subcommittee (RBSC) is charged with recommending improvements to the Unified Development Code and other City processes to facilitate more affordable housing development in San Antonio. The goals are to deliver proposed UDC amendments for the 2022 UDC amendment cycle in the short term. Mid-term goals are to monitor the UDC amendment process and identify and propose process changes to other City processes. In the long term, the subcommittee will submit recommendations for updates to other City processes. 

This work began in 2019 to focus on reducing the cost burden, removing barriers to ADU development, and other policies related to affordable housing. The work was paused in 2020 due to the pandemic but is resumed in 2021.

NHSD established this technical working group on removing barriers to the production and preservation of affordable housing as recommended by the Mayor’s Housing Policy Framework. The group became a subcommittee of the Housing Commission in October 2021. 

Strategies to Revise UCD to Remove Regulatory Barriers to Affordable Housing. The following is a running list of possible strategies that could be discussed as a means to remove regulatory barriers to affordable housing. Regardless of the strategies chosen, the process will include neighborhood engagement, outreach, and education. • Accessory Dwelling Units • Parks and Open Space Requirements • Parking • Utilities • Storm Water Management • Minimum Lot Size • Street Construction Standards • Building Setbacks • Tree Preservation

There are currently no upcoming meetings for this committee.

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